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Here are a few of my favorite fanfic links, mostly related to Hercules, Xena and Buffy. This is very nowhere near complete, of course -- I'll be adding more links in more fandoms with every update.

Other People's Stories

Hercules and Xena (Slash)

Jen's Iphicles Slash
Nymphica's Nest
Roo's Writings
Odysseys and Ecstasy -- Thamiris' stories.
Wild: Narcissus' Slash

Buffy and Angel (Gen and Slash)

Eterniata -- excellent multi-author archive
Blood and Chocolate -- Sarah T.'s fanfic
Yahtzee's Fanfic

Highlander (Gen)

Sandra McDonald's site

Harry Potter (Gen and Slash)

FictionAlley -- More HP fanfic than you can shake a broomstick at.