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WARNING! The stories contained on this page are rated NC-17 due to explicit descriptions of m/m sex. If you're under 18 years of age, or if this sort of stuff offends you, LEAVE NOW! I MEAN IT!

Still Here? Okay, here are the stories. In a pathetic effort to make this page more organized, I've divided them into two categories -- "Short Stories" and "Challenge Responses" . (Yes, I know, the challenge responses are short stories too, but I don't know how else to differentiate them.) What's the difference? Well, the challenge responses were all written in response to story challenges (duh!) on the various mailing lists I'm on. They tend to be short vignettes, with very little plot. Because I treat challenge stories as improvisational exercises, they don't go through the same beta-reading and compulsive rewriting process that my other stories get subjected to. I just write them, check 'em over for grammar and spelling errors, and post. Consider yourself warned.


  • Power Game. Ares makes a mistake. The Sovereign makes him pay for it. Warning: this story contains sexual violence.

  • Emotionally Yours. Iphicles hurts. Iolaus comforts. Complications ensue.

  • Lovers And Other Strangers. A prequel to Emotionally Yours and a Highlander crossover. Iphicles and Methos misbehave at an inn. .

  • Tomorrow Is a Long Time. Sequel to Emotionally Yours. Iolaus and Iphicles are in love. Okay, so now what?

  • Homecoming. Sequel to Tomorrow Is a Long Time. Set after the episode "Revelations." Iolaus is back from the dead, and reunited with Iphicles. So why isn't everything perfect?


  • Caught in the Act. A challenge story for the Hercfic list. The required elements were: Ares, five black silk scarves, and one of Cupid's feathers. Oh, and I got Autolycus in there, too.

  • Black on Black. A challenge story for the ksmithares list. The requirements were Ares and a character from another TV show. I thought it was a good excuse to get Michael from La Femme Nikita naked.

  • Backrub. A "missing scene" from Tomorrow Is a Long Time written in response to a "happy Iphicles" challenge on ksmithares. Iolaus helps Iphicles unwind after a long day.

  • Reconaissance. Response to a "quickie challenge" on ksmithares, for a story to be written in about two hours. Cupid, God of War watches Iphicles and Ares on a battlefield and likes what he sees.
  • A Taste of Desire. Response to a "food challenge" on ksmithares. Iphicles gets horny at a temple banquet.

  • King Iphicles' New Clothes. Response to a "fairy tale challenge" on ksmithares. Iphicles asks Aphrodite for help in approaching Ares, and gets a little more than he asked for.

  • Hubris. Response to a 3-word challenge on ksares. My words: Accusation, lillies, abaton. Iphicles learns the price of making noble gestures. Warning: this story contains sexual violence.

All characters from Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess belong to Universal Studios and Renaissance Pictures. The stories, as well as all other content on this site, belong to me, but I'm not making any money from any of it, honest.